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Increasing Intelligence and Healing the Mind through Exercise

Exercise Increases Intelligence and Heals the Mind of ChildrenAs a parent it is easy to see how exercise can improve our children’s health. Multiple studies have shown that regular exercise can stave off disease such as diabetes, heart diseases and increase a person’s immune system. Further studies however are displaying the connection between physical activity and cognition. Physical activity influences academic performance. A trio of studies presented at the 2001 Society for Neuroscience Conference suggested that regular exercise could improve cognitive function. Studies from Hong Kong, Australia and the United States (California) have show that exercise stimulates the brain. Energy levels in the brain are shown to increase and improved behavior has been attributed to physical activity as well.

There are ongoing studies that show positive relationships between exercise and intelligence. Studies suggest that exercise leads to increased brain function and nourishment, higher concentrations levels, increased cerebral blood flow, changes in hormone levels and maintained health of neurons. Studies not only show benefit in the neurotypical individual but also in those with brain damage or mental disorders. It is through stimulation that injured neurons are being regenerated, healing the injured brain and enhancing brain function. Exercise stimulates the brain and creates activity within the brain, leading for growth and expansion of the mind.

The mind is more powerful than we yet know. It still holds secrets that scientists continue to reveal. As research continues we understand how to improve our minds which provides us with hope. All is not lost when a child is diagnosed with Autism or when an elderly parent is told they have Alzheimer’s. Physical fitness is a key to opening the mind and leading the young and old alike to healthier, happier lives full of endless capability.
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